HP Z1 G2 Workstation Review

Slash Gear by Nate Swanner

With the Z1 G2 workstation, HP is hitting a lot of high notes. Highly customizable, intensely powerful, and endlessly useful, the newset HP workstation is a substantial upgrade versus last year’s model. With everything tucked neatly behind the screen, this is a low-profile all-in-one workstation that gets the job done, should you need a lot of power backing your operation.

While grandma and grandpa likely won’t find need for the Z1 G2, those who need a lot of guts to power a robust application (or set of them) will want to take notice. Though it’s highly customizable, we found the middle of the road variant entirely powerful for a top-end gaming experience at minimum. Going with an "entry level" model would likely suit just about anyone as well.


The Z1 G2 isn’t portable, but it is versatile. At roughly 50 pounds, it’s not one you’re going to want to tote around, and it just can’t be tucked under an arm. The screen is big and gorgeous; at 27-inches, our glass-on-glass touch screen model was a delight. Dense (25 pixels per inch) and responsive, we found ourselves not even concerned with the included keyboard and mouse (which, honestly, are run-of-the-mill — you’ll likely want to upgrade). For those not interested in touch, there is a standard screen which HP tells us offers less glare, a nice touch for those suck in brightly lit environments.

The form factor hasn’t changed much since 3, but HP has listened to feedback. Aside from screen improvements, HP has also made it easier to access rear ports, and added the option for Thunderbolt ports. read more...

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