HP ZBook Studio G3 Laptop Gets Reviewed

If you are a video editor looking to replace your workstation, this is a great introduction to HP's ZBook line of workstations. We are huge fans and have recently updated our line of Videoguys Tech Select Mobile Workstation. Check out our recommendations.

Near-Desktop-Class Performance in an Ultrabook Form Factor Makes This a Compelling Machine

StudioDaily by David English HP ZBook Studio G3Choosing a workstation-class notebook computer used to be easy. To get anything approaching desktop performance, you would bite the bullet and accept whatever was available — even if it weighed more than 10 pounds, offered a limited color gamut, and cost more than you would be comfortable admitting. These days, the choice is more complicated. The high-end mobile workstations now weigh less than 10 pounds, offer speeds that match some budget-priced desktop models, and cost considerably less. Added to the mix of choices is a new generation of mobile workstations that are remarkably portable. They’ve been able to shave off the girth and pounds without seriously compromising performance or battery life. Following that trend to its logical conclusion, HP is now shipping the first quad-core mobile workstation that qualifies as a thin-and-light Ultrabook. It’s the HP ZBook Studio G3, and one of the soon-to-be-available configuration options is a 4K UHD DreamColor display. Once you get beyond the excitement about just how much performance is available in a 4.4-pound notebook that’s only 18mm high, it’s important to remember that all of the current-generation mobile workstations have dramatically improved. For many, the ZBook Studio will be the ideal balance between performance and mobility. But for those who need a true desktop equivalent, it may not be the best choice. Within HP’s current generation of ZBooks, the HP ZBook 15 G3 and HP ZBook 17 G3 offer better expandability, performance, and battery life. However, both models are larger and heavier than the ZBook Studio...[continue reading review on StudioDaily]

Looking for a the power of a desktop in a Mobile Workstation?

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