HUGE NEWS! Microsoft Updated Teams to support NDI and SkypeTX

Microsoft is a leading name in business technology and video conferencing with Microsoft Teams as well as Skype. Skype TX is also a valuable tool in the video streaming space, being integrated into various production systems like the NewTek TriCaster and the NewTek TalkShow devices.

With a recent update, Microsoft has now made both Teams and Skype TX even more streaming user friendly. Both applications now feature NDI support, for more options on bringing inputs into your video conference.

Microsoft made this announcement with a list of new features coming to some of their popular applications.

NDI for Teams and Skype TX Interoperability

Broadcast events and studio productions from a virtual stage in Teams! We are introducing New Network Device Interface (NDI) support and Skype TX interoperability for Microsoft Teams, which offers a more advanced set of production options for public or private customized, high-scale broadcasts. Coming soon, NDI for Microsoft Teams transforms a Teams meeting into a virtual stage by converting each participant’s video into a discrete video source that can be used in the production tool of your choice, OBS, Wirecast, Xsplit, StreamLabs and many more. This functionality enables you to use Teams meetings in other ways, including hosting a professional broadcast.


This advancement of technology promises great advancement in remote guest streaming, something that is now more necessary than ever before.

NDI is also becoming a more and more prominent method of video production.

Meanwhile new interoperability of Teams with Skype TX devices—the devices commonly used in broadcast production today—enables production teams to connect in 1:1 calls for interviews and newscasts with professional capabilities including caller queuing and connection quality management.


Check out the full article of new updates from Microsoft HERE.

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