Hula Post: Virtual Reality Post-Production Simplified - Seagate

Here's how one production studio is handling the storage challenges of VR content and 360-degree footage. Creating immersive experiences requires equipment that can handle massive amounts of data. Seagate and LaCie are tackling that challenge. Read on for details: Seagate LaCie desktop drive for 360-degree videoFrom Seagate ...If a drive is going to fall off a desk or get used over and over for pulling data and final shots, Rugged portable drives will live up to their namesake. If you have 10TB of footage shuffling from one place to another, there’s the d2 Thunderbolt 3 desktop drive. The durability and high-capacity transportability of these drives is exactly why Hula Post relies on them. According to Michael Moncreiff, their senior vice president of business development, “They’re very fast and easy to use. Reliable in the field and incredibly cost efficient. We depend on flexibility and the ability to connect to various machines, and LaCie drives deliver that.”...[continue reading]

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