Hurry Up! Time is running out on this fantastic NewTek TriCaster Trade-Up program

NewTek TriCaster Trade-Up Special!

Attention TriCaster Owners: Trade-up to a TriCaster 410, 460 or 860 now and save up to 40% off. Special Expires 8/29/14.

Your old reliable TriCaster could be worth up to $10,000! Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to upgrade your school, house of worship or production studio to the very latest new TriCaster versions with all the newest and most powerful features!

  • Trade in any SD TriCaster and get $3,000 Off the TriCaster 410 ...
  • Trade in any SD TriCaster and get $5,000 Off the TriCaster 460 ...
  • Trade in any SD TriCaster and get $7,000 Off the TriCaster 860

  • Trade in any older HD TriCaster and get $8,000 Off the TriCaster 460 ...
  • Trade in any older HD TriCaster and get $10,000 Off the TriCaster 860

How can I trade in my TriCaster?

Are you still working on an older TriCaster system? If so, we have a ?hot? deal for you this summer. From July 1-August 29, 2014, the TriCaster Trade-Up Promo will allow anyone who is not using a current TriCaster system to trade up to the newest models and receive a significant trade-in value for their older system. This is especially appealing if you have a TriCaster SD or TriCaster 300 ? but is also a great deal if you are not using a TriCaster 410, 460 or 860.

As we?ve always maintained, purchasing a TriCaster is a great investment ? and now TriCaster owners will get a chance to cash in on your investment with some of the hottest trade-up deals ever ? you can receive up to 40% off with your trade-in!

Why should you trade up?

Producers can get more views of their content instantly:

  • Media Publishing that allows them to instantly upload to social media networks while they stream, broadcast, or project their show.
  • Second output for additional program (and sponsorship) opportunities from the same production

Producers can reach new visual heights:

  • 360-degree Holographic LiveSets that bring realistic sets, lighting, reflections, and camera moves to any small production space.

Producers can significantly reduce production time, cost, and errors:

  • Multi-format ISO recording that captures every camera and makes post-production 10x faster.
  • PTZ camera control that adds more coverage without spending on more crew.
  • Macros and automation triggered by hand gestures, button pushes or simple apps and devices to make sequences simpler and reduce on-air errors.

What products qualify for the trade-up?

SD TriCaster Products

  • TriCaster DUO
  • TriCaster 100
  • TriCaster PRO
  • TriCaster PRO FX
  • TriCaster STUDIO
  • TriCaster BROADCAST

HD TriCaster Products

  • TriCaster 300
  • TriCaster 450
  • TriCaster 450 EXTREME
  • TriCaster 850
  • TriCaster 850 EXTREME
  • TriCaster 455
  • TriCaster 855

Follow this link or call 800-323-2325 for the complete NewTek SuperPowers Trade-in offer and pricing!

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