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Adobe® Creative Suite® 5.5 Production Premium is the high-performance leader in video production software. Produce your best work with game-changing innovations like the Adobe Mercury Playback Engine and a distinctively efficient post-production workflow.

Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Production Premium delivers massive productivity enhancements that enable video and audio professionals to dramatically accelerate their workflows. The powerful Adobe Mercury Playback Engine, introduced in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5, broadens its graphics processing unit (GPU) hardware support to include laptops and more supported cards, and allows users to open projects faster, get real-time feedback for more GPU-accelerated features, and work more smoothly at 4k and higher resolutions.

Adobe CS5 Production Premium Point Product Upgrade for PC
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Upgrade from Adobe CS2 or CS3 Collection to the Complete
CS5 Production Premium
If you own Adobe CS2 or CS3 Design Standard or Premium; Web Standard or Premium; Production Premium or Master Collection you can get the complete CS5 Production Premium

HURRY! This upgrade will be $949 MSRP when CS5.5 is released

Upgrade from Adobe CS4 Collection
to the Complete Adobe CS5 Production Premium
If you own Adobe CS4 Design Standard or Premium; Web Standard or Premium; Production Premium or Master Collection you can get the complete CS5 Production Premium

HURRY! This upgrade will be $649 MSRP when CS5.5 is released

Adobe CS5 Production Premium Point Product Upgrade
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If you own Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator CS or higher, Adobe Premiere or Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects 6, 7 or any CS or Adobe Flash CS3 or higher you can save more than $500 on the CS5 Production Premium with this special point product upgrade

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Adobe CS5 Production Premium
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HURRY! This will be $1,599 when CS5.5 is released

You must register the Adobe CS5 Production Premium software that you purchase today with Adobe as soon as you receive it. You must also request your Adobe CS5.5 Production Premium Upgrade direct from Adobe Customer Service when the new software is released on or about May 3rd, 2011

Adobe CS5.5 Production Premium Upgrade from Adobe CS5
If you own Adobe CS5 Design Standard or Premium; Web Standard or Premium; Production Premium or Master Collection you can get the complete CS5.5 Production Premium

What's New in Adobe CS5.5 Production Premium

Take advantage of sweeping performance enhancements in Adobe® Creative Suite® 5.5 Production Premium software, including powerful new audio editing capabilities, workflow improvements, and advanced compositing effects.

Efficient workflow
Trim and edit with efficiency and precision in Adobe Premiere® Pro CS5.5. Use widely accepted NLE shortcuts and easily sync separately recorded field audio with your video, thanks to dual-system sound support.

Advanced audio editing in Adobe Audition
Record, edit, mix, master, and sweeten audio with Adobe Audition® CS5.5 — now available for both Mac OS and Windows®. Roundtrip edit with Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5, or use OMF and XML to speed up project exchange with Avid Pro Tools and other NLEs.

Mercury Playback Engine
Get amazing performance from the Mercury Playback Engine in Adobe Premiere Pro on both desktops and laptops (Windows® and Mac OS). Natively 64-bit andoptimized for modern CPUs, Mercury delivers astounding performance withor without GPU acceleration.

Warp Stabilizer in After Effects
Smooth a bumpy camera move, or lock a shot automatically. Warp Stabilizer removes jitter and compensates for motion-related irregularities.

Fast, reliable encoding for multiple devices
Output your work for PCs, smartphones, tablets, and television with Adobe Media Encoder CS5.5. Use intuitive presets and contextual menus to set up sequences once for multiple formats, and batch encode while you keep editing.

RAW digital cinema
Gain new workflow flexibility with RAW digital cinema files and other file-based footage. Experience faster performance for high-resolution RED footage, as well as enhanced support for RED, Sony XDCAM, Canon XF, and CinemaDNG formats.

Camera Lens Blur and camera property in After Effects
Create soft-focus effects with Camera Lens Blur. Set iris shape, blade curvature, and diffraction fringe characteristics for beautiful bokeh, and use these same settings for fantastic depth-of-field control with the After Effects® 3D camera.

Asset intelligence for accelerated post-production
Locate assets and dialogue quickly in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 with integrated support for metadata from Adobe Story, an Adobe CS Live online service. CS Live services are complimentary for a limited time.

Streamlined collaboration
Collaborate using CS Live online services including Adobe Story, a collaborative script-development tool; CS Review, an online review service; and services that simplify sharing project information.

Source timecode support in After Effects
Take the guesswork out of source footage edits. Timecode data in QuickTime, AVI, Broadcast WAV (BWF), DPX, and some variations of MXF is read directly in After Effects, and the Timecode effect can display both source timecode and composition frames.

Light falloff in After Effects
Control how light intensity falls off across 3D distances, just like in the real world.

Enhanced creative freedom on the go
Take your creativity further — use mobile devices like the iPad with Adobe Ideas sketching software and a growing number of companion apps as they become available for Photoshop CS5 Extended.

Adobe CS5.5 was announced recently, and there is already a good deal of articles and videos that were released in support it. Take a look at this great index of links for more info on your favorite Creative Suite Application.

Hardware I/O and Video Capture for Adobe CS5.5 Production Premium

Matrox MXO2 Mini Desktop Kit with FREE HDMI Cable

Matrox MXO2 Mini with Desktop PCIe Card
Don't settle for an HDMI and analog I/O card with messy cables when you can get all the features and more in a professional breakout box with Matrox MXO2 Mini. Use it with a laptop or a desktop system and your favorite applications including Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro and Photoshop, and Avid Media Composer


MOTU HD Express HDMI for Desktop PC or Mac
Motu HD Express HDMI
The HD Express HDMI opens your Mac or Windows computer to the world of HDMI video, the next-generation digital video connectivity standard found on today's latest HD cameras, monitors and set top boxes. HDMI supports full-raster, pixel-for-pixel digital clarity with no video compression, resulting in stunning image quality and color depth that far surpasses highly-compressed workflows based on DV, HDV, AVC and similar capture codecs.

AJA ioEXPRESS Desktop Kit with PCIe Adapter

AJA Io Express
The perfect Mac or PC interface for anyone who needs a quality portable monitoring and mastering solution. Built small and robust, Io Express is ideal for use with either a desktop or laptop, PC or Mac. Featuring full 10-bit, broadcast-quality HD to SD hardware down-conversion and automatic HD/SD 12-bit component analog output, Io Express offers conversion flexibility all the time - during ingest or playback

Matrox MXO2 LE Desktop Kit with MAX Technology

Matrox MXO2 LE with Matrox MAX Desktop
MXO2 LE can easily be moved among the Mac Pros and Windows workstations in your facility, installed in an OB van, or taken on the road with a MacBook Pro or windows laptop. You get highly-reliable, broadcast-quality SDI video and XLR audio input/output and HDMI video monitoring with the unique Matrox calibration controls including blue-only. Matrox MAX is a unique technology that implements faster than realtime H.264 encoding.

MOTU HDX-SDI video interface with ExpressCard34

Video Interface

HD10AVA automatically detects the video input format & embeds the audio inputs in the SDI/HD-SDI outputs. The HD10AVA is useful for adding an SDI/HD-SDI audio/video output to tape decks or any professional video equipment with analog outputs.

AJA KONA LHi - HD/SD 10-bit Digital and 12-bit Analog PCIe Card

10-bit Digital and 12-bit Analog PCIe Card
The AJA KONA LHi bridges the gap between legacy analog devices and the latest 3Gb SDI and HDMI enabled products providing editing, monitoring and mastering of professional quality video in an affordable, powerful, easy to use product.

AJA Kona 3G

AJA Kona 3G
The professional's choice for uncompressed SD, HD, Dual Link HD, 2K, and 3G. KONA 3G features 10-bit Uncompressed video I/O, the newest HDMI 1.4a support for 3D workflows, 16-channel SDI embedded audio I/O, and up to 16-channel AES digital audio I/O.

Matrox MXO2 Rack with Matrox MAX

Matrox MXO2 RACK with Matrox MAX
The 2RU-sized Matrox MXO2 Rack is designed for broadcast news operations, OB vans, and other environments where heavy-duty, rackmountable equipment, more audio inputs and outputs, and genlock loop through are required.

Software Add-Ons for Adobe CS5.5 Production Premium

Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite 10

Red Giant Magic
Bullet Suite 10

Professional color correction, enhancement, and film output tools with full support for Adobe CS5 and three new products: Magic Bullet Denoiser, Magic Bullet PhotoLooks, and Magic Bullet Grinder.
Reg $799.95

Red Giant Trapcode Suite 10

Red Giant
Trapcode Suite 10

All the Trapcode plug-ins at one affordable price. Includes Shine, Starglow, 3D Stroke, Lux, Particular, Echospace, Sound Keys, and the new Trapcode Form plug-in.
reg. $799.00

Sorenson Squeeze 7 Upgrade from Squeeze 6

Sorenson Squeeze 7 Upgrade from Squeeze 6
If you want your videos to look great online, choose Squeeze. Our high quality codecs and professional pre-processing creates clearer and crisper videos for your audience to experience. Sense every motion; See every detail better with Squeeze.
Reg $249.95

Boris FX Motion Graphics Pack Suite Heart Deal

Boris Motion Graphics
We know you use more than one NLE to get the job done, but why should you have to buy multiple versions of the your favorite plug-ins? This limited edition version of the Boris Motion Graphics Pack that supports Adobe, Apple, and Avid (PC & Mac) for under $1,000
Reg $1,499.00

Recommended Storage Solutions for Adobe CS5.5 Production Premium

Pioneer BDR-206 Mega Bundle with Media and External USB Enclosure

Pioneer BDR-206
MEGA Bundle with External Kit & Media

This exclusive Videoguys Money-Saving Bundle includes everything you need to create high-definition Blu-ray discs including the new Pioneer BDR-206 12x Blu-ray burner with the Vantec NexStar DX External 5.25" USB 2.0 & eSATA Enclosure. Plus a 10 pack of of Verbatim Blu-ray Discs and EyeScream Factory menu templates for DVDs & BDR
was $199.95

click here for more
Blu-ray Specials

G-Tech G-RAID 2TB (4th Generation)

G-Tech G-RAID Video Storage Solution
Features a high-speed interface - 3 Gbit eSATA, FireWire 800 (FireWire 400 via cable) and USB 2.0 ports. When connected via eSATA, G-RAID provides data transfers rates in excess of 200MB/second to support demanding post production environments.
1TB - $199.00
2TB - $249.00
4TB - $399.00
6TB - $599.00

Glyph PORTAGIG62 Production Quality Portable RAID, 2TB

Glyph PortaGig 62 Production-Quality Portable RAID Solution
This portable RAID solution features FireWire 800, USB2 and eSATA connectivity and may be configured in RAID 0,1 and spanning modes. The compact PortaGig is perfect for laptop editing and may be bus-powered when connected to FireWire 800
1TB - $289.00
2TB - $399.00
3TB - $645.00

Glyph ForteRAID Production Quality RAID Array 6TB
Glyph ForteRAID High-Performance RAID
Connected by eSATA, FireWire, or USB 2.0, it gives you the freedom to move projects between multiple systems and use the fastest interface available on each system. With hardware RAID 0, 1, 3, 5, 10, and Spanning modes, ForteRAID squeezes a ton of technology in a compact tabletop enclosure.
4TB - $679.00
6TB - $899.00
8TB - $1,465.00

Recommended Graphics Boards for Adobe Mercury Playback Engine

NVIDIA Quadro 4000 by PNY

If you're an artist, designer, or video professional with a PC Workstation or an Apple Mac Pro, you can accelerate your entire workflow with the NVIDIA® Quadro® 4000 for PC or Mac graphics solution. Delivering excellent graphics performance across a broad range of design, animation and video applications, Quadro 4000 by PNY allows you to do more, faster.

Offering 2 GB of GDDR5 graphics memory, 256 NVIDIA CUDA™ parallel processing cores and built on the innovative Fermi architecture, the NVIDIA Quadro 4000 by PNY is a true technological breakthrough delivering excellent performance across a broad range of design, animation and video applications. Using the Quadro 4000 graphics solution, your work flows — you can design, render and deliver higher quality projects in less time.

The NVIDIA Quadro 4000 by PNY graphics board significantly raises the bar for high performance visualization and computation providing Microsoft DirectX 11.0, OpenGL 4.0 and Shader Model 5.0 hardware acceleration, and the ability to drive a variety of display types including: CRTs, Digital Flat Panels, Projectors and HDTVs.

NVIDIA Quadro 4000 by PNY for PC
NVIDIA Quadro 4000 by PNY for Mac
NVIDIA Quadro 2000 by PNY

NVIDIA Quadro 2000
by PNY
Maximizes productivity for engineers & designers

Delivering the industry's best-in-class performance across leading CAD and DCC applications, the NVIDIA Quadro 2000 by PNY mid-range professional graphics solution features Scalable Geometry Engine™ technology and 1GB of memory & 192 CUDA Parallel Processing Cores for fast processing of complex models and scenes.


NVIDIA Quadro 5000 by PNYNVIDIA Quadro 5000
by PNY
Ultra-Fast Application Performance

Offering 2.5 GB of GDDR5 graphics memory, 352 NVIDIA CUDA parallel processing cores and built on the innovative Fermi architecture, the NVIDIA Quadro 5000 by PNY is a true technological breakthrough delivering ultra fast performance across a broad range of design, animation and video applications.


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