Hustle & (Work)Flow : Innovative Editing Supports Sundance Triumph

hustle promo“With Avid Xpress Pro, the toolsets are so advanced that there's no more guessing.† - Billy Fox, Editor, Hustle & Flow Going from start to finish with a major production in just six months typically means a lot of sleepless nights for an overworked editor. However, using Avid Xpress Pro software and an innovative workflow, veteran editor Billy Fox achieved a no-stress success with Hustle & Flow, the Audience Award winner at the 2005 Sundance Film Festival. “Time was tight to get the film ready for Sundance. With Avid Xpress Pro, we carried out an extremely accelerated schedule that didn't feel rushed at all,† says Fox. “We had to make decisions quickly and keep on schedule, but I wasn't crazy working through the night to make the deadline.† read more...

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