HVR-Z1 HDV Camcorder review

DV Mag by Adam Wilt Z1Expands on HDR-FX1 with more picture adjustments, better user controls, more flexible audio inputs, and 60 Hz and 50 Hz recording and playback in SD and HD. It won't obsolete cameras costing 10 times more, but at $5,946, it makes very nice HD (and SD) images, and is the standards-bearer for low-cost 1080i acquisition. The HDV-format HVR-Z1 is the professional version of the HDR-FX1, just as the Sony DSR-PD170 is the pro version of the DCR-VX2100. Both the FX1 and the Z1 are built on the same chassis, using the same optics and CCDs, but the Z1 adds a variety of enhancements to the FX1, such as XLR audio, 50 Hz and 60 Hz operation, DVCAM as well as DV standard-definition recording, and a broadened palette of user controls and image adjustments. read more...

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