HVX 200 - Streets of Birmingham

Ken Stone by By Rick Young hvx 200 MacThis wasn't meant to be a shoot-out between 2 cameras or 2 formats, though this may come to be seen as the outcome of this piece. Hand-in-hand with the new Panasonic HVX-200, recording DVCPro HD straight to P2 card, with a Sony Z1 filming the action side-by-side in HDV. Having shot with the HVX-200 for a couple of hours on the streets of Birmingham I've got to say the Panasonic HVX- 200 feels like any other camera I have ever used. It feels like a camera should, all the controls are in the right place, it feels good. I've heard reports that it's chunky, some people have said it's ugly and bulky - I don't have any of those problems at all. I like it! On other cameras, when shooting on HDV, at times, you can wait up to 8 or 10 seconds for the camera to go into record. With the HVX-200 to put the camera into record mode is instant. The moment the record button is pressed you are then recording. For a professional camera this is what you need. It can make the difference between getting and not getting a shot. read more...

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