I Warp Speeded my MacBook Pro!

DVcreators by Josh Mellicker

After using “tower” (or “desktop”) computers for my main workstation for over 20 years (since the Mac IIci!), I made the switch a couple of years ago to using a 17? MacBook Pro for my main editing + everything else machine.

(This is the model I have)

It’s great to have the portability, and though it was slower than my Mac Pro, it’s been a great workstation. At my office it drives a 30? Cinema Display, but by itself it’s quite usable with its 1920×1200 17? screen.

But, because Apple beams secret slowdown messages from the Cupertino Mothership to their computers so they run slower and slower in advance of a new product announcement (okay, maybe that’s just a paranoid conspiracy theory) my 2011 MacBook Pro has been seeming more and more sluggish in the last few months.

By the way, “MacBook Pro” is such an awkward brand name, they really should have kept the “PowerBook” brand, even though the chips aren’t “PowerPC” anymore, who cares? PowerBook is such an awesome brand name! read more...

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