IBC 2014 Video NewTek TalkShow VS 100 Skype video calling & TriCaster

NewTek TalkShow Show your broadcast customers and live producers who want to include more expert analysis and perspective in their show that they no longer have to spend big budgets on live shots, truck uplinks and heavily equipped newsgathering crews, or waste valuable time coordinating remote live shots and low-quality phone recordings. NewTek TalkShow is the easiest, highest-quality production solution for delivering live Skype video calls in broadcast-ready, full-frame HD. It’s a compact, 1RU system that easily integrates Skype TX software from Microsoft with professional production workflows using SDI I/O directly into any switcher. TalkShow brings the control of higher-quality Skype calls into the control room—and leaves nothing to chance out in the field. Save up to $3,000* on TriCaster 460 Don’t miss your opportunity to go pro and save big with the most versatile and extensive of our mobile-scale, multi-camera video solutions. But $3,000 isn’t all you’ll save with the astonishing flexibility of TriCaster 460: • Preserve optimal video quality with professional I/O • Save on peripheral investments with on-board genlock and tally • Capture video sources of any format, any resolution, any frame rate • Protect your brand with extraordinary visuals using the most powerful switcher effects engine available • Say “yes” to every production, whether tabletop, mobile, or studio • Save massive turnaround time to post with built-in ~70 hours of 1080i storage — expandable with additional drives • Keep the cameras rolling and capture priceless reactions, cutaways, and b-roll with ISO recording of 4 simultaneous channels • And so much more

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