ikan V8000HD 8” LCD Monitor

DV by Matthew Jeppsen ikan V800HDBecause aperture and focus can often be difficult to determine on low-cost HD camcorders that have weak, low-resolution viewfinders and LCD panels, it often becomes essential to use a larger external display for monitoring. One option is the ikan V8000HD. This 8† widescreen LCD monitor is capable of handling a wide variety of SD and HD inputs and formats. I tested the V8000HD on a Panasonic HVX200 outfitted with a Cinevate Brevis 35mm adapter and Zeiss 85mm PL-mount prime. Because most 35mm lens adapters invert the image, the monitor was anchored to our 15mm rod system and mounted upside down using a Zamerican arm from Zacuto (similar to a Noga arm). It attaches to the monitor’s single standard mount point, located on its bottom. read more...

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