I'll be damned! New Mac Pro Coming this Fall!!

Videoguys by Gary Bettan

This is not an April Fools joke. I have never been so happy to have to eat my words. Many of you may recall my Mac Pro Rant from back in December. I really had doubts that Apple would ever release a new Mac Pro. I was WRONG! At WWDC today Apple did just that, using line 'Can't innovate anymore, my ass' durng the presentation. Not only that, it will be built in the good old US of A!

Here is what we know:

  • It's small, 1/8th the volume of a Mac Pro and is shaped like a black cylinder
  • It uses up to 12 core Xeons
  • Integrated Dual ATI FireGL workstation GPUs. That means no CUDA, but tons of OpenCL
  • External expansion only via USB3 and count 'em SIX Thunderbolt 2 ports
  • Made in th USA!!

Here are links to several websites with some more, but not a whole lot more, info:

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