illuminAid - Helping educate the world’s poorest billion people through low-cost video technology

On today's Videoguys Live, Gary was joined by Matt York, Founder and Executive Director of illuminAid and Videomaker Inc. illuminAid's mission is to help in educating the world’s poorest billion people through low-cost video technology. illuminAid envisions a world where electricity, illiteracy, location, language and materials are no longer barriers to positive social change. Through locally created video instruction, small improvements in knowledge dissemination can fuel this progress for individuals and communities.

Support the application of solar-powered video technology to alleviate global poverty.
Donate to illuminAid, and you can receive a highly fun product from one of our partners or from illuminAid ourselves! In conjunction with Voltaic Systems and VideoGuys, we need your help to support impoverished communities worldwide.

Their partner, Voltaic Systems, is offering a great product that you can receive if you donate at least $50 to illuminAid. Additionally, if you donate at least $200, you will receive a comprehensive solar kit that illuminAid usually provides to our NGO partners! Donations of any amount are appreciated.

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 USB Touchlight from Voltaic Systems 
The waterproof USB Touchlight provides a bright and warm, wide-angled light that makes it perfect for illuminating small spaces. 

- Dimmable Brightness Settings

- Touch Switch Lens

- IP67 Waterproof Rated

- Powers from any USB Port

The illuminAid recharge kit features incredible items that can power electronic devices with solar panels. Everything in the kit is small yet powerful, and the solar panel is easy to transport. The 6 Watt 6 Volt solar panel is lightweight, waterproof, and designed for long term outdoor use in any environment.


  • Waterproof (IP67)

  • UV resistant (10+ year life)

  • Durable and lightweight

  • High efficiency monocrystalline cells: 19%

  • Embedded screws for easy mounting

  • ABS plastic post nuts included (4x)


Learn more about illuminAid here!

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