Imagine Products' ShotPut Pro and G-Technology Drives Help Deliver a Very Poignant HBO Stand-Up Special | Creative Planet Network

Creative Planet Network interviews Emmy Award-winning producer and director, Aaron Brenner, to find out more about the production tools he uses. If you're looking for workflow tips, he describes how he relies on G-Technology G-DRIVES for storage solutions, post production workflow and redundancy:
Q: How did you get it all done? On the night of the shoot, I operated two MacBook Pro computers, each running ShotPut Pro and connected to multiple G-Drive ev RaW drives. The show was shot and recorded on seven Sony NEX-FS700 cameras. I walked away from the set with four mirrored versions of the raw media in addition to the camera masters, which totaled about 1 terabyte of video. When transporting the files from the venue to the post suite, we used G-Drive ev drives because they are USB 3.0-enabled, so they are superfast and reliable. Back in the edit bay, I cut the whole show using Adobe Premiere Pro and a G-Technology G-Drive with USB 3.0 and 4 terabytes of capacity. I also used two mirrored G-Speed Q drives for redundancy in the edit bay. The drives were fast enough for me to cut a seven-camera production without any delay or playback stutter.
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