In December this Mac will run Final Cut Pro X the fastest and look cool doing it too

We sat down to watch the Apple presentation from San Jose today in glorious HD on our Apple TV. Mac Mini and iPad Mini were no big deal for us, we were completely sold on the new iMac. From December this could be the fastest Final Cut Pro X machine you can buy.

How life has changed. We can remember watching Apple presentations back before the iPhone release. Nobody knew what you were looking at and to be honest they thought you were a bit sad for being glued to a laptop for an hour making fuuny ooh and ahh noises. Now we can watch the presentations live in HD on Apple TV and then get the highlights rebroadcast to us on the nightly news.

Watch the Apple Special Event Video from the 23rd October.

Our eyes lit up when Tim Cook invited Phil Schiller up for 'the Mac news' which to us meant more than one product. A new updated Mac Mini, Mac Mini server and the 13" Retina MacBook Pro were the hors d’œuvre to the iMac entrée. No MacPro desert unfortunately.

When Phil took the covering off the new iMac, was it there? The edge of the display is only 5mm. Although it's thicker in the middle, that is one thin machine. read more...

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