In-Depth look at the Teradek Vidiu X Live Streaming Encode

The Teradek VidiU X is an exciting new encoder similar to the VidiU Go and VidiU Pro that leverages cellular bonding as well as wired and wireless connections. This is a slightly simpler, more straight forward encoder when compared to the VidiU Go, unlocking a number of exciting streaming opportunities.

Anthony Burokas from creates excellent in depth reviews of the latest and greatest streaming technology. His latest review of the VidiUX includes a great video as well as an article that delves into the details.

Check out the video from Streaming Media, Below:

 In's article users are walked through exactly how to broadcast live with the Teradek VidiU X.  The general consensus of the article finds that this device is a useful, small form factor piece for streaming, recording and bonding workflows.  

So that is my overview of the Teradek VidiU X. This is a handy little lightweight unit that has a lot of capabilities packed into a small form factor, including recording, streaming, bonding. And like I said, it's also a hardware interface into the Teradek Airmix app if you decide to use it for that as well.

We highly suggest taking  a look at the full written walkthrough HERE to learn more about this exciting new encoder. 

Learn more about Teradek HERE.

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