In Depth Review of NewBlueFX Titler Pro for Avid Editors

avid-nb-amplify_2If you're an Avid editor you need to read this review of NewBlueFX Titler Pro 4 by Kevin McAuliffe. You'll soon see why Kevin calls Titler Pro one of the best single plug-ins on the market today. Videoguys is offering some amazing bundles that include Avid Media Composer AnnualSupport and Titler Pro 4 at additional savings. If it's time for you to renew your support, you definitely should take advantage of these great deals. Renew your Avid Media Composer Standard Support Plans with these special offers from New Blue with Titler Pro 4 or Amplify.
ProVideo Coalition by Kevin P. McAuliffe A month or so ago, I wrote a review of NewBlueFX’s (NBFX) Titler Pro 4 (TP4). Needless to say, if you are serious about titling, it’s a fantastic tool to have in your editing toolkit. With as much as I can fit in a review, there are always some features that you end up having to leave out, only because your review would be 10,000 words, and people would stop reading after the first 1000. So, I thought for this article I would talk about some of the great features that are specific to the Media Composer version of Titler Pro 4, as NBFX has really tried to put some features in that would make any Media Composer editor stand up and notice. Resolution Independance Most editors and Motion Graphic designers could care less about this feature, but it’s a big one for Media Composer editors, as when we move from HD to larger than HD, we lose both the Title tool, and the Marquee Titling tool. Well, not to worry, with TP4 you’ll be creating stunning 4K (and larger) titles exactly as you would in HD projects! What’s important to keep in mind is that as much as Titler Pro is an application that promotes itself as being an “animation” plug-in, you can just as easily make awesome looking static titles to work with in any project. Animation As I said just a paragraph or so ago, TP4 is all about the animation. If you want to animate your titles in true 3D space, it can all be done right from within the TP4 interface with simple to use parameters, and the ability to extrude your text with the click of a button. Make it as simple (text slide on) or as complicated (3D Extruded Text flying around in 3D space) as you need to, but they key thing to remember is that even the animation is simple to create! Promote Avid Title Tools to TP4 Titles Yep, you read that right. Here’s a common situation that happens in a post production workflow. You have an assistant editor add all the titles/supers to your production, in rough, using the standard title tool. Now, you have the placement, but you need to get in and put in the actual final titles. No problem. Simply select one (or all) of the titles, and go to the Tools menu, and choose to promote those titles to TP4! Quick and simple! read more...

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