In Review: AJA Kona 3G

DV by Ned Soltz

AJA is now shipping the latest update to its top of the line Kona series, the Kona 3G. Capitalizing on the power of the Kona 3, the Kona 3G adds 3Gb SDI input and output to match with the latest devices offering this high-speed SDI protocol. This is in addition to its earlier feature set of single or dual link HD-SDI inputs allowing up to 2K 4:4:4 HSDL.

But that’s not all. Just released at NAB 2011 was the Kona 3G version 9.0 software update incorporating a revamped AJA Control Panel as well as, get this, the option for 4K playback. Those who are familiar with earlier versions of the AJA Control Panel will note that it no longer features scrolling tabs across the top of the configuration window but rather selectable choices on the left side of the UI. This makes for a cleaner and easier to use interface and I commend AJA on this cosmetic change. More on that 4K update a bit later.

The Kona 3G like all AJA products is now cross platform working in both Mac and PC environments. Note that the PC environment requires specific NVIDIA Quadro graphics cards, detailed on the AJA site. And in keeping with AJA’s excellent tradition of support, slot configurations for various Windows workstations are likewise detailed on the AJA site.

On the Windows side, the Kona 4G supports Adobe CS (Premiere, AE and Photoshop) as well as Autodesk Combustion and Eyeon Digital Fusion. On Mac OS platforms, the board supports Adobe CS, Final Cut Studio, and Autodesk Smoke for Mac. In fact, as a vote of confidence in the power of the Kona, Autodesk specifies a Kona 3G (or the earlier model Kona 3) as a system requirement. read more...

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