In Review: Class On Demand Basic Training For Adobe CS4 Production Premium

DV By J.R. Bookwalter

I’ll admit it: I’m a software upgrade junkie.

I get all tingly when I see a new update is available, especially for a program (or system OS) that I use often, and if the update adds new features or squashes old bugs, even better. Because of this, I’m also an early adopter, and usually the first guy among my colleagues and cohorts to have the latest and greatest software — which means that, by default, I become the “go-to” guy when those aforementioned colleagues have questions about new features, or how best to accomplish this task or that.

I figure most of those guys are simply too lazy to crack open the manual and search for the function in question, but let’s face it: The trend with modern software is to either have huge, Biblical-style tomes that would test the patience of even ardent bookworms, or the manuals are nowhere to be found, lost amidst a sea of help menus and on-disc PDF files where it would require a compass and a Boy Scout merit badge to weed out the answer to your dilemma.

Illinois-based Class on Demand, Inc. to the rescue! With decades of experience in producing training videos for the creative and media industries, Class on Demand offers a huge catalog of value-priced training DVD-ROMs to get you started with that new software upgrade you’ve just installed, without ever having to crack a manual. read more...

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