In Review: Sony Sound Forge Pro 10

DV by Geoff Poister

This update offers greatly expanded capabilities.

Sony Creative Software's Sound Forge Pro 10 is the most recent upgrade of the venerable Sound Forge audio editing software that has existed for more than a decade. It has been expanded to include audio editing for HD video files and offers more than 40 processing effects. This latest version provides support for the highest resolutions in use, as well as for Dolby Digital AC-3 surround sound.

Sound Forge Pro 10 supports full-resolution 24-bit and 32-bit/64-bit 192kHz files to provide the highest quality audio editing. It also offers advanced bit-depth and sample rate conversion, making it extremely versatile when preparing sound for different formats and end users.

Sound Forge Pro 10 runs only on the Windows platform (Windows 7, XP or Vista). The system requirements are modest: a 1GHz processor, a Windows-compatible sound card, at least 512MB of RAM and 350MB of disk space for program installation.
Sound Forge Pro 10 can work with multiple channel files, such as those from the XDCAM multichannel field recorders and previously created mix files, with a capacity of up to 32 channels.

While Sound Forge Pro 10 is a very powerful audio editing system, it is not a multi-track recording and mixing system, such as Digidesign ProTools, and this is important to prospective purchasers, lest they buy it for the wrong purpose. Sound Forge Pro 10 is designed to work with single or multiple track files, generally those already created on another platform. While Sound Forge Pro 10 does provide recording capability, it is not designed for multi-track recording methods involving overdubbing, adding and mixing tracks.
Sound Forge Pro 10 reserves its engineering prowess for enhancing, adding effects, cleaning and reprocessing audio files to the fullest extent of existing digital technology. To that end it houses a vast array of very powerful audio tools. read more...

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