In the Field: Focus Enhancements FS-5 DTE Recorder

FS-5EventDV by Ben Balser

Focus Enhancements has been making hard drive-based digital video recorders for many years now, calling its products DTE, or Direct-To-Edit recorders. The company’s FS-4 line debuted in 2005, providing popular and reliable recording for DV and HDV cameras. The FS-100 has made an impact on Panasonic’s widely used P2/DVCPRO-HD cameras. And now, the company has reached the next step in the DTE product line with the FS-5. The FS-5 comes along at the right time too.

First, let’s look at the theory behind the FS-5. Using a FireWire connection, the unit records footage from DV and HDV cameras to its internal hard drive using one of several digital formats. Just like the FS-4, this allows you to save time capturing from tape back in the studio. An hour of HDV recorded to the FS-5 can be transferred to the NLE system in a matter of minutes, a fraction of the hour needed for tape-based capture. You can still record to tape at the same time, giving you a reliable backup, if you need it. The FS-5 also allows for longer nonstop recording times than a typical 60-minute MiniDV tape—again, just like the FS-4. read more...

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