Incredibly sharp and light SmallHD 500 Series Monitors is Your Source for the Incredibly sharp and light SmallHD 500 Series Monitors
The SmallHD 500 Series monitors are the lightest 5-inch, 1080p Full HD field monitor with color capabilities that rival OLED technology. It's a mere 7.4 oz light and is able to reproduce 100% Rec 709 color.
A user experience that will enhance your on set workflow. it's as easy as 1,2,3.
1) Navigate by simply moving and clicking the joystick - this allows easy access to ‘pages’ which can be customized with any feature, including custom looks (3D LUTs) 2) With pages set up, the 500 becomes an invaluable on-set tool for letting you quickly spot-check your entire shot for problem areas as well as using LUTs to ‘see’ new opportunities for shots on the fly. 3) Zoom into your image at any time by pressing up on the joystick; click to switch to pan mode and at any time press the back button to reset.
Designed with the Sidefinder in mind. The 500 Series monitor is the key component to the SmallHD Sidefinder (the highest resolution EVF with a flip-out 1080p display). The Sidefinder will be available as a $300 add-on accessory for 501 and 502 monitor owners.
SmallHD 501

SmallHD 501 HDMI Field Monitor

The SmallHD 501 is a Full HD 5-inch LCD Monitor with Waveform. The most effective tool for framing, focusing and exposing your image. Features HDMI input and output with 1920x1080, 8-bit, 400nits.

smallhd field 501 kit

SmallHD 501 with Accessory Kit

Make the most of your monitor with the SmallHd 501 Field Monitor + Accessory Kit package. Includes: 501 HD Monitor, Canon Battery Kit with Charger and 2 LP-E6 Batteries, Waterproof Hard Case, Protective Neoprene Sleeve, Acrylic Screen Protector, HDMI cables and more.

SmallHD 502 Field Monitor

SmallHD 502 HDMI & SDI Field Monitor

The SmallHD 502 has the same great features as the 501 with both HDMI and SDI input and output.

SmallHD 502 Field Monitor kit

SmallHD 502 with Accessory Kit

Buy today and make the most of your monitor with the SmallHD 502 Field Monitor kit.502 (HDMI + SDI) Monitor , SmallHD LP-E6 Battery and Charger Kit, 500 Series Monitor Case 4GB SD Card, 5 IN Neoprene Sleeve, 500 Series Acrylic Screen Protector , Hot Shoe Ball Mount, HDMI and BNC cables for SDI connectivity and more

SmallHD Sidefinder is the Ultimate HD On Camera Display!
The Sidefinder is a fully featured HD viewfinder with a 5-inch flip-out 1080p display. It’s the clever union between the SmallHD 500 Series field monitor and a compact, patent-pending viewfinder accessory. The Sidefinder gives shooters all the benefits of using a field monitor AND an EVF, without compromising speed, agility, or quality of the image.
SmallHD sidefinder

SmallHD Sidefinder Add-On for 500 Series Monitors

The Sidefinder represents the highest resolution EVF and the highest resolution 5-inch on-camera monitor in one device. See the details of your image in High Definition through the viewfinder or the monitor. With higher sharpness and resolution than iPhone 6, your image remains crisp under magnification. A quick adjustable diopter gives you the range of focus needed to clearly see through the eyepiece. .

SmallHD  sidefinder

SmallHD 500 Series Monitorwith Sidefinder

Upgrade your SmallHD 500 Series monitor to create ultimate field monitor, viewfinder combo with the Sidefinder. These bundles include your choice of either the 501 or 502 Monitor plus the Sidefinder EVF

Starting at $1,199.00
SmallHD  Sidefinder 502 Production Kit

SmallHD Sidefinder Production Kit

Make the most of your SmallHD 500 Series Sidefinder with the Sidefiner Production Kits, giving you everything you need to start shooting. These Production Kits Include your choice of the 501 or 502 monitor plus: • Sidefinder Accessory (for 500 Series) • Wireless Remote - 500 Series • Medium Hard Case For Sidefinder • LP-E6 Battery and Charger Kit • Universal Mounting Kit for Sidefinder • Hot Shoe Ball Mount • 5 Inch Neoprene Sleeve • Anti-Glare Screen Protector • 36-inch HDMI to HDMI Cable • 24-inch Thin Micro-HDMI to HDMI Cable • 24-inch Thin Mini-HDMI to HDMI Cable • 8GB SD Card

• SmallHD Cleaning Cloth Starting at $1,499.00

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