Indie Film Nice Guys Makes it Big with Affordable Post-Production Solutions

niceguysHere’s a great way to finance a first movie. Steal a fenced briefcase full of government-issued marijuana and return it to the FBI for the reward money. The Feds win, you win, and if your movie takes off you’re on your way to a brilliant new career. This is the scheme that Tom Murphy (played by Corin Nemec) and his friends concoct in the new independent film Nice Guys, and, of course, it turns out to be more difficult than it sounds. But this is the stuff of great plots and truly memorable films, and if the early reaction is any sign, Nice Guys may be the next big independent hit. The film, which was made on a $100,000 budget, has already packed three sold-out shows at the Phoenix Film Festival and earned a special screening by the Screen Actors Guild. A quintessential low-budget production, Nice Guys was shot in 11 days with most of its actors settling for a $75-a-day wage. The film was produced and directed by Joe Eckardt, and, in a truly independent fashion, was edited in his home studio. Using an Avid Xpress Pro editing system with Avid Mojo hardware running on a Windows desktop system, as well as an Avid Xpress Studio Complete system running on a second Windows desktop, Eckardt had virtually all the tools he needed to make his feature-length film. In particular, the Avid Xpress Studio Complete system provided an integrated suite of media creation tools, including those for high-end video and audio editing, 3D animation, compositing, effects, and DVD authoring capabilities. read more...

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