Indy Filmmaker Switches from FCP to Adobe Premiere Pro
Back-in-The-Days-29_Shabazz-1024x754Adobe posted this insightful interview with Editor Andrea B. Scott about the post production on his Sundance Film Festival entry "Fresh Dressed". A professed Final Cut Editor, Andrea tells us about his journey to Adobe Premiere Pro and how it proved to be the best possible solution for his independent film workflow.
Adobe blogs by Meagan Keane Adobe: How did you get involved in documentary filmmaking? Scott: I have been working in the documentary industry for eight years. I got my start mostly working for other filmmakers as an associate producer and assistant editor, before making the jump to editor. I edited A Place at the Table, a film that screened at Sundance in 2012. I also just directed, shot, edited and premiered my own film called Florence, Arizona. For Fresh Dressed, an acquaintance at CNN recommended me for the job. I saw it as a great opportunity. I got a rough cut that was started in Final Cut Pro and migrated to Premiere Pro by the previous editor. Then I worked on the film using Adobe software over several months. Adobe: How long have you been using Adobe Premiere Pro CC for editing? Scott: When I started on Fresh Dressed I’d never used Premiere Pro before, so starting on this project meant getting up to speed on new software. Previously, my go-to editing tool was Final Cut Pro. Premiere Pro was definitely welcoming for someone coming from Final Cut. I went the route of mapping keyboard commands because I was in a time crunch, but overall transitioning from Final Cut to Premiere Pro was really easy. Adobe: It must have been interesting to take over as editor in the middle of a project. Can you tell us more? Scott: It was a chance to see the project with fresh eyes and consider the material in different ways. A lot of the heavy lifting had already been done in terms of pulling selects and creating an assembly, so I got to get right down to the fun part—considering the essence of the story we really wanted to tell and shaping the material to best communicate that story. read more...
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