Innovations in VR Filmmaking

It's a significant time for virtual reality development. There is a lot of unrealized possibility in VR filmmaking and VR filmmakers are essentially "crafting the medium before our eyes." Take a look at some of the progress in this article from
Want to assemble a VR Toolkit? We've got tips for you here.

How filmmakers are inventing the language of VR by Harrison Weber Imagine you’re a filmmaker. Cinema is your craft, an art honed by more than a hundred years of brilliant ideas and happy mistakes. With it, you can do something that probably once felt like magic: capture any moment, idea, or feeling so anyone can relive it. Now picture something new. It’s a lot like film, only it puts the audience inside your story — and it feels like magic, when it works. With it, you can create entire worlds for your audience, but none of the original rules of cinema apply. How do you create your art when all of your tools have changed? This is how some filmmakers see virtual reality. And at least one director, Penrose Studios‘ Eugene Chung, likens virtual reality to the invention of the moving picture — and how it usurped the stage. “I don’t think anyone alive really knows much about the language of VR,” Chung said in an interview before his company debuted its second VR animated feature, Allumette, at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival. The film explores the sacrifices a mother makes for her daughter. “In the last great art transition, the major stage play directors tried to become film directors, and a lot of them didn’t succeed because they did things like put the camera in front of the stage,” said Chung...[continue reading]

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