Inside Avid Xpress Pro

Alex In this article, Creativecow's Alex Alexzander takes a thorough look at Inside Avid Xpress Pro hosted by Steve Bayes and published by Digital Media Training Series. Magnet Media has finally entered the Avid tutorial market. I’ve reviewed many Magnet Media trainers in the past, and I have watched how Magnet Media has strived to better itself over time. Their interfaces have become the best in the industry, and I mean that quite seriously. The instructors have always been top notch. It has quite literally been my pleasure to watch so many of the training materials they produce. I can't think of a better value in terms of Avid training. I have been quite happy to pay $99 for 2 hours of Avid training from the Avid store because each and every time I have invested in such lessons, I have always felt that they go beyond the lessons I have used in the past for various applications. Avid lessons have always been more than a software feature overview. They have been about how to think about your cut. When I saw that Steve Bayes was scheduled to do an Avid tutorial for Magnet Media, I felt my eyebrows hike up. I decided I had to watch this, and had to review it, and I had high expectations for it, which is a bad way to walk into a review. It sets a bar often too high for the instructor to hit, let alone clear as easily as Steve Bayes has done. Read the complete review @ We now carry DMTS training for Avid Xpress Pro & Adobe Production Studio! Click here for more info

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