Inside Avid Xpress Studio HD

EventDV by By Jeff Sauer StudioHDWhen Avid introduced the Avid Xpress Studio a little more than a year ago, it solidified a commitment to Xpress and, by extension, the event videographer market. It's an audience with whom Avid has had, over the past decade anyway, something of a lukewarm relationship. After all, Avid is the clear market leader in premium editing systems for major motion pictures and television studios, and endowing affordable editing software with additional features is a potential risk to that higher-end business. Yet Avid increasingly has struck a clever balance with Xpress, both as an adjutant editing station—off-lining, off-loading, or in-the-field laptop editing—for higher-end systems and as a very capable standalone editor for smaller studios. Although event videographers aren't likely often to "finish" on a Media Composer or Symphony, Xpress' innate tie to those higher-end products essentially guarantees professional performance and future advancement in a very affordable software editing application. The just-released Avid Xpress Studio HD brings HD support to a bundle of five compelling tools that specifically target the smaller, single-station studio and event videographer. Make no mistake: Avid is still a premium brand and Xpress Studio HD carries a price more than twice that of competing bundles. For some, the tools here will be overkill for the work they do. Still, the Xpress Studio HD Complete bundle is a best-in-class solution that demands a closer look. read more...

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