Inside Tech: Blu-ray & HD DVD

Sound&Vision; Magazine Technology Preview By David Ranada Blu-Ray & HD DVD How the two new formats squeeze big high-def pictures onto a DVD-size disc. No home-entertainment technology in years has been as eagerly anticipated as the upcoming Blu-ray and HD DVD high-definition disc systems. In fact, the last time we techie types were this excited about something new was when the CD was introduced. That marvel, which banished all the analog noise and distortion listeners had gotten used to over the decades, finally brought audio technology to its peak of development. Likewise, Blu-ray Discs (BDs) and HD DVDs have the potential to provide the highest resolution that the current high-def video standard allows. They could even provide unprecedented audio performance by using various advanced capabilities, but these still weren't finalized as of this writing (height channels, anyone?). Both systems also promise seamless integration with the Internet and extensive new capabilities for videogame producers. read more...

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