Instant HD

DMN Product review By Stephen Schleicher Instant hdRed Giant plug-in eases the transition period As we ramble on down the road to doing HD production and editing every day, there is going to be a transition period where editors are going to need to mix archival SD footage in their high-def projects. Red Giant Software’s Instant HD is one solution that makes the transition easier. Instant HD up-converts standard DV footage into a variety of HD formats. This seems like a big claim, but using mathematical algorithms (yeah, I didn’t like higher math either), it interpolates missing pixels to create the higher resolution video. Interestingly, Red Giant claims you can use Instant HD to convert cell phone and webcam video into standard definition footage. I don’t have one of those fancy cell phones, so I can’t test that claim, but if you can take that footage and make a SD clip, you could conceivably take the resulting clip and run Instant HD again. The results wouldn’t be pretty, but in a pinch†¦ read more...

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