Integrating DV Source Footage into HDV Projects, Part 1

DCP by Jan Ozer hdv and dvSooner or later, if you're an HDV shooter, you'll need to use DV source footage in one of your high-def productions. It could be a multicamera shoot with mixed DV/HDV equipment, or inserting SD B-roll into your HDV project. But sooner or later, it'll happen, and then you'll be facing two basic questions. First: What do I need to know to do it right? Second: How does the quality produced by my editor compare to that available with third-party scaling tools? Well, this month, we’ll tackle both questions: the first in this installment, then quality comparisons in the next installment, which includes Apple Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro, plus Algolith AlgoSuite, Digital Anarchy ReSizer, and Red Giant Software Instant HD. Let’s set the scene. You’ve got some 4:3 DV footage that you’d like to integrate into an HDV project. If you decide to scale in your editor, there’s a really good chance that you won’t need to dig any deeper into the technical issues I’m about to launch into. I’ll assume that you’re working in an HDV preset in Premiere Pro and/or Final Cut Pro, and the current versions of both products can easily handle multiple formats in a single timeline. Final Cut will even automatically scale the SD video up to HDV resolution for you, saving you a step (Figure 5). read more...

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