Intel 915 Motherboards: P4 for the Masses

ExtremeTech By Loyd Case November 3, 2004 Motherboard Roundup: We test five motherboards that use variants of the Intel 915 chipset, plus one 865PE board with an LGA775 socket. Do you really need a pricey 925X board to get the most out of the new Pentium 4 line? A couple of weeks ago, we took an in-depth look at five motherboards using the Intel 925X chipset . As a group, we found them to be a bit on the pricey side, with the lowest-cost 925X board, the Abit AA8, at about $160. Not everyone needs the high-priced spread, and it's not clear what kind of performance margin the 925X really offers over the 915 series chipsets. So we put a few motherboards based on variants of the 915 to see how they fare against the 925X. We also tested an LGA775 board based on Intel's older 865PE chipset. Of the five 915 boards, two used the 915G chipset and three used the 915P. One of the 915G boards and two of the 915P boards support standard DDR400 memory, while the rest support DDR2/533.ADVERTISEMENT Of course, not all of these boards are inexpensive. In fact, two are priced right up there with the more rarified 925X boards. Would you pay as much for a 915P board as you would a 925X board? The answer may surprise you. Read More...

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