Intel: Thunderbolt to storm PCs this year

PC Pro by Barry Collins

Intel expects a "significant ramp" in the number of PCs shipping with Thunderbolt ports this year.

Introduced in early 2011, the high-speed Thunderbolt interconnect has been embraced across Apple's Mac line-up, but is rarely found on even the most high-end of PCs.

Speaking exclusively to PC Pro, Intel's director of marketing for Thunderbolt, Jason Ziller, says 2013 will be the year we start to see more mainstream adoption on PCs.

"There's actually about 20 PCs and motherboards on the market with Thunderbolt," he said. "We're looking at a fairly significant ramp in the PC and motherboard space this year, particularly on some of the new Haswell [processor] platforms that are coming out this year."

Ziller claims the number of Thunderbolt peripherals is also expanding rapidly, with many devices that have already been certified by Intel for Mac now going through the "rigorous" approval process for Windows. "We have a another 15 to 20 devices going through the pipeline right now," Ziller said, adding that meeting the demands of 10Gbit/sec signalling was "quite challenging" read more...

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