Intel's 955X Dual-Core Chipset Better For Business Users Than NVidia's nForce4

Tom's Hardware Guide 955xIntel predicted that a new generation of chipsets would be ready precisely at mid-year, just in time to support a new generation of dual-core Pentium processors. Thus, the 945 succeeds the 915 at the same time that the 955X steps in to fill the 925XE's shoes. The technical enhancements aren't as dramatic as last year's hand-off, so we wanted to put the top-of-the-line 955X under the scope to see what we could learn. Installing a dual-core Intel CPU requires one of these new chipsets, because they're the only ones that support the latest Pentium D and Pentium Extreme Edition processors. That said, both the 945P and 955X support the same CPUs. But you still have to figure that motherboards based on the 955X will meet the more demanding power and performance requirements of the Extreme Edition processor better--though they are also likely to cost more. But that also probably means that 955-based motherboards will resist obsolescence longer, and may have a better chance of accommodating upcoming CPUs as well. read more...

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