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intensiKey integrates a keyer, 3D sets, and the ability to move a camera into one program. With a robust keyer, quality sets, and good price point, intensiKey really is powerful, and easy to use.
We've all seen the slick virtual sets on TV, and for the average video producer, creating a 3D virtual studio and being able to fly a camera around keyed out, properly placed talent seems unfeasible. intensiKey aims to let video producers with some basic skills do just that.

What You Get
For $299, you get a simple piece of downloadable software that allows you to import your raw green or blue screen footage, place it within one of five included virtual sets, and use up to two additional video or graphics sources within the virtual monitors on the set. You can then use the camera to create sweeping moves to enhance the effect of the 3D set. The intensiKey Virtual Set Pack Volume 1 contains 20 additional sets for $499, or you can purchase sets individually for $99.

It doesn't require a deep knowledge of keying, or 3D, but viewing the demo and tutorial on their site is a must before firing up the program. It's also a good idea to read all of the help files within intensiKey to ensure you know which buttons and panels do what. Admittedly, we attempted to just dive in and go, and quickly found ourselves stuck. read more...

When you're ready... check out these 3 great ways to buy.

intensity Pro 2.0 Application only with 5 Included Virtual Sets

intensiKey Pro 2.0 Bundle with a Volume of 8 additional Sets

Reg $998! You save 50%!!

intensiKey Pro 2.0 Bundle with all 3 volumes for a total of 29 Virtual Sets!

Reg $2,196! You save more than 63% Off!

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