Interview: Al Mooney, Product Manager, Adobe Premiere Pro

Streaming Media by Shawn Lam

Shawn Lam and Al Mooney of Adobe discuss new features in Adobe Premiere Pro, including improved multicam and expanded GPU support, and new keyboard-driven editing enhancements.

Keyboard-Driven Editing Enhancements

Shawn Lam: I'm here with Al Mooney. He is the product manager for Adobe Premiere Pro, and we're at NAB 2013. We're having a look at the next version of Premiere Pro. What can you tell us?

Al Mooney: One of the biggest features of this version is an area which I call “editing finesse.” We've redesigned the timeline and the way you engage with the timeline to be much more fluid and intuitive and to present key information visually to an editor. More and more people are working on long-form projects in Premiere Pro. If you're cutting a three-hour nature documentary and you can't remember if you've used the three-second shot of a bird on a tree, duplicate-frame indicators and through-edit indicators are going to help with that. Cleaned-up track headers, making it much easier to find the key things. Easier source patching, easier track targeting, and just a whole bunch of things throughout the UI of the timeline that help you when you're working on these big projects.

Also, we've got many new keyboard-driven editing enhancements, and this is responding to some of the most common requests. A really good example of that is something that seems very simple: the ability to use a keyboard shortcut to nudge a clip up and down. That seems like a small thing, but if you do something 1,000 times a day, it becomes enormous. There are loads and loads of other keyboard-driven enhancements, like being able to select the clips under the playhead, move things around more easily, Paste Attributes functionality for moving effects from one clip to another. read more...

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