Introducing Adobe Voice

By Adobe Voice

Storytelling matters.

And telling a story well matters even more.

Whether it’s the story of your new business. The story of your cause. The story of your students. It’s not just about explaining information or ideas. It’s about making an impact and standing out.

That’s why we’ve created Adobe Voice, a free iPad app that helps you make an animated video — in minutes. You don’t have to stare at a blank page, mess around with bullets and slides or film anything. You just record your voice, select beautiful icons and imagery and it’s all automatically combined with a soundtrack and cinematic-effects.

All you have to do is tell the story. And the app takes care of the rest.

Here’s a peek at how Voice works.

2019 Update.: Adobe Voice is now Adobe Spark Video Editor

Thanks to all the storytellers we’ve collaborated with to build an app that makes it all fun again. It’s the passionate small business owners, the vigilant non-profits, devoted teachers and imaginative students who motivated us to rethink how stories could be told. Our story together has just begun.

Download the app today and share what you’ve #toldwithVoice. We want to see what matters to you.

— The Adobe Voice team

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