Introducing Atomos Ninja Inferno HDMI HDR 4Kp60 Monitor & Recorder

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Atomos Ninja Inferno HDMI HDR 4Kp60
Portable HDR 4Kp60 10-bit 422 monitor recorder. Apart from being an obvious companion for the new GH5, the Ninja Inferno is the world’s first HDMI monitor-recorder to accept 4K DCI signals. Support for the 4096 DCI standard unlocks cinema recording from 4K video and mirrorless DSLRs.
Also available bundled with Full Accessory Kit which includes:
  • Ninja Inferno with power supply
  • HPRC hard flight case
  • 2 x 5200mAh battery
  • Fast charger, USB dock, D-Tap cable, sunhood, control cable
  • 4x Master Caddy II Cases
Atomos Shogun Inferno SDI/HDMI HDR 4Kp60
Industry Leading 4K HDR Monitoring, Recording, & Playback Solution! 7" 4K HDMI/Quad 3G-SDI/ 12G-SDI Recording Monitor.
Includes Full Accessory Kit
  • Shogun Inferno
  • Custom HPRC hard flight case
  • Control cable
  • XLR input breakout cable
  • 2x NP-F750 5200mAh batteries
  • Fast battery charger
  • SATA 3/2 to USB 3/2 HDD/SSD docking station
  • DC to D-Tap coiled cable
  • 5x Master Caddy cases
  • 2x 12V-3A AC adapter (Fast charger & DC power)
  • HDR sunhood
$1,995.00 $1,795.00

Ninja Flame HDMI HDR 4Kp30

Overcomes the display challenges of shooting Log, displaying the full brightness range on a field monitor for the first time, with true-to-life vibrant colors.

$1,295.00 $995.00

buy now exp. 4/30/17

Shogun Flame SDI/HDMI HDR 4Kp30

A 7" 10-bit AtomHDR 1500nit Field Monitor with 4K/HD 10-bit ProRes/DNxHR recording, Sony & Canon Raw to ProRes/DNxHR recording, professional HDMI, SDI and XLR connections.

$1,695.00 $1,195.00

buy now exp. 4/30/17

Ninja Blade 5" HDMI HDR 1280x720

Offers a stunning 1280 x 720 SuperAtom IPS touchscreen, at 325ppi 179-degree viewing. You can expect crisp, super smooth monitoring and playback.

$495.00 $395.00

exp. 4/30/17
G-Technology Master Caddy Series for Atomos 
G-Technology expands the affordability and workflow speed of Atomos' patented Master Caddy system by directly integrating it into the G-Technology range of ev Series solutions. Options include the ev Reader, Master Caddy HD 1TB and Master Caddy 4K.
starting at $99.95
Bundle & SAVE!!! Shogun Inferno & Master Caddy Bundles for 4K Workflow
Videoguys Atomos Inferno Video Save even more when you combine the Atomos Shogun Inferno with the G-Technology Master Caddy 4K and ev Series Reader to get everything you need for your 4K workflow. Check out this Videoguys' webinar to learn more about the workflow and if you have any questions call us at 800-323-2325.
SHOGUNINF512G Bundle with Master Caddy 4K 512SSD  Includes Shogun Inferno, ev Series Reader and a 512GB SSD Master Caddy 4K $2148.90 $1,999.00 buy now SHOGUNINF1536G Bundle with 3-Pack Master Caddy  Includes Shogun Inferno, ev Series Reader and a 3-pack of 512GB SSD Master Caddy 4K for 1.5TB of storage $2648.80 $2,399.00 buy now SHOGUNINF2560G Bundle with 5-Pack Master Caddy 4K Includes Shogun Inferno, ev Series Reader and a 5-pack of 512GB SSD Master Caddy 4K for 2.5TB of storage $3148.70 $2,799.00 buy now
Add a G-Technology ShuttleXL ev to your Shogun Inferno Purchase and get a FREE Pelican Travel Case! starting at $2,799.00
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