Introducing Avid NEXIS | Cloudspaces: Easy and Safe way to Park and Back up Projects to the Cloud

As anybody in production knows, high quality media means larger, more complex projects. A production team needs the ability to back up data quickly and conveniently in order to protect their work and keep content moving forward. The most efficient and cost effective solution is cloud based storage- offered with the award winning Avid Nexis.

Avid NEXIS | Cloudspaces is designed to cater to small or mid sized news, sports and post-production teams who need to back up their Avid NEXIS storage space. This ad on service enables a production team to store media offsite and scale storage space on demand. This solution comes at a lower cost with less risk.

Avid NEXIS Cloud spaces simplify the lives of editors, journalists and producers in post production environments. It provides a place to store unfinished projects that are out of production, while having them remain easily accessible.

Cloudspaces eliminate the need to manually shuttle media to external sites when the Avid NEXIS unit is full.

For those on the technical side, Cloudspaces provide a safe way to backup all media. When setting up an offsite system, the process can be complex and time consuming. However, Cloudspaces eliminate the need for additional hardware or software components- creating a fully integrated storage solution.

Cloudspaces are also available with one simple upgrate to your Avid NEXIS Enterprise or Avid NEXIS PRO storage system. There are a variety of subscription plans available including a "get 3 months of Cloudspaces storage for free" option.

Stop investing money in NAS or DAS storage drives that add complexity and risk to production workflows every time you need extra storage. With Avid NEXIS | Cloudspaces, you can match your storage expense to your business needs, easily scale up your capacity as needed, and safely park and back up media while leveraging Avid NEXIS to manage your on-premises workspaces and cloudspaces together for greater workflow efficiency.

Gary Green, Avid

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