Introducing Avid XDV4AV $499.95!!

XDV4AVWhy Spend Hours Editing Videos that Don’t Meet Your Expectations When You Can Edit AV & DV with Avid for Less than $500 This complete package lets you capture & edit all your videos — even that old VHS/8mm footage from years ago — and share them with your family & friends on tape, DVD or via the web - the choice is yours!! Now you can get all the tools you need to produce high-quality movies at an affordable price! Avid Xpress DV is the perfect way to explore the exciting world of digital video and make an investment in your future with a product that has minimal requirements and cross-platform compatibility sure to run on your current WindowsXP or Mac OS X machine! Avid Xpress DV is also completely upgradeable & compatible with every level of Avid’s Academy Award ® winning broadcast technology! The ADS PYRO A/V Link media converter gives you the freedom to use footage from any video source with Avid Xpress DV. Just connect the A/V Link to your PC or Mac’s FireWire port and begin capturing high-quality audio and video. You may also use the A/V Link to output your final masterpiece to any camcorder or VCR for a tape to share with your friends or family. For more info check out our XDV4AV page

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