Introducing BirdDog MultiView

BirdDog has been rolling out a ton of exciting software announcements to help improve your live streaming productions. The most recent announcement is for a new BirdDog product called BirdDog MultiView.

BirdDog MultiView is available in two flavors. BirdDog Lite is priced at $99, and Pro comes for $499.

With BirdDog MultiView, users can unlock all of these features.

  • Immediately available; NDI Multiview Lite for $99 USD and Multiview Pro for $499 USD
  • Create NDI Multiview streams in seconds
  • NDI Multiview Lite allows for creation of up to 6, 2×2 quad split Multiview NDI streams
  • NDI Multiview Pro allows for up to 6 Multiview NDI streams with each being independently configured in any of 5 pre-set templates: Full Screen, 2×2, 3×3, 4×4 and the traditional 2&8, two large and 8 small windows
  • Automatic NDI Source detection
  • Decode NDI Multiview streams with BirdDog NDI Decoding hardware or NDI Monitor

NDI Multiview is immediately available, and allows to generate NDI multi-view from any NDI source.

BirdDog Multiview Pro supports up to 6 Multiview outputs. They can be configured with any of the 5 preset layouts included with Multiview.

""We are really proud of NDI Multiview Lite and NDI Multiview Pro. The speed and ease at which these apps allow NDI Multiview windows to be pushed out across the network as standard NDI streams is really amazing. We know our customers are going to love these powerful but easy to use tools.”

Dan Miall, BirdDog Co-Founder and CEO

Find out more about BirdDog Multiview HERE.

Learn more about BirdDog HERE.

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