Introducing BluStor & BluStorXL Complete Blu-ray Disc Archiving Solutions for PC or Mac

Introducing BluStor & BluStorXL
Complete Blu-ray
Disc Archiving Solutions for PC or Mac

A collaboration of industry leaders yields affordable solution for
long-term video, photo, multimedia and data archiving

Glen Cove, NY – Broadfield Distributing, Inc, a leading distributor of video editing and production equipment, announced the availability of two new products today – the BluStor and BluStorXL. These products were created to address the growing needs of videographers, editors, photographers and other digital content creators for a safe, secure and long-term archiving solution. The BluStor bundles include everything professional and home users need to back up their work, memories, and digital life to high-capacity Blu-ray discs.

BluStor bundles are currently available in two affordable packages with the only difference being the included media. The BluStor (US MSRP $149) includes two 50GB BD-R discs and the BluStorXL (US MSRP $199) includes two 100GB BDXL™ discs. Both bundles also include the Pioneer BDR-XD04 burner and Digistor™ REWIND® software.

The new BluStor bundles were created when Gary Bettan, President of Broadfield Distributing, Inc., used close industry ties with Pioneer and Digistor to combine efforts and fill a need in the market. Broadfield is a leading US Distributor of Pioneer Blu-ray Disc Burners and has watched how demand for the new BDR-XD04 Portable Disc Writer has grown. Steve Cohn, Director of Optical Sales at Pioneer said “As the popularity of drive-less ultrabooks and Mac computers continues to rise, the BDR-XD04 becomes the ideal accessory because of its compact size and portability. There's a growing need for a drive that's highly transportable for playing CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs, as well as for storing valuable personal files on a secure, removable medium.”

The BDR-XD04 is one of the world’s smallest and lightest BD/DVD/CD portable burners supporting BDXL. The ultra-compact USB2 clamshell-type drive can read and write to all BDXL discs, as well as conventional Blu-ray discs, DVDs and CDs – making it the perfect choice for archiving.

The BluStor bundles combine the Pioneer BDR-XD04 with the Digistor™ REWIND® software for PC & Mac. REWIND is an easy to use data storage application to archive all your digital assets. You can keep your archive going forever and REWIND will continue to burn to the Blu-ray disc until it’s full, then it will span to multiple discs to allow you to grow your archive. The Restore app is burned right on the disc! Restore to any computer by just inserting your archived disc and running the Restore app from the disc, no software installation required.

Brian Friss, Digistor Vice President said “We are thrilled that our REWIND Archiving Software is part of the BluStor Bundles. This combination gives customers a full solution to easily archive, manage and restore digital files, photos and video using high quality Blu-ray recordable discs.”

The BluStor and BluStorXL bundles include two 50GB BD-R 6x or two 100GB BDXL 4x discs, respectively. These discs both feature Extremely Strong Coated Surfaces (ESCS) to protect your data from harmful scratches, fingerprints and other contaminants and have been rated for a Blu-ray Archival Life of more than 75 years!

BluStor and BluStorXL are currently available at with more nationwide retailers to be announced soon.

PIONEER is a registered trademark of Pioneer Corporation.
BLU-RAY and BDXL are trademarks of the Blu-ray Disc Association.

DIGISTOR is a trademark of Sunland International, LLC. REWIND is a registered trademark of Sunland International, LLC.

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BluStor Complete Blu-ray Disc Archiving Bundle for PC or Mac with two 50GB BD-R discs $149.95 BluStor XL Complete Blu-ray Disc Archiving Bundle for PC or Mac with two 100GB BDXL discs $199.95

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