Introducing the Epiphan LUMiO 12x PTZ Camera

If your looking for an affordable PTZ camera to add to your Epiphan Pearl or video grabber look no further - Epiphan LUMiO 12X PTZ camera is here for just $1,499!

In our discussions and customer support interactions, we noticed the same question popping up from our customers: “What camera do you recommend I/we use with Epiphan products?”

Our short answer: “It depends on what you’re using it for!” But of course we strive to be much more helpful than that when it comes to giving the longer, more appropriate answer to that question

Enter LUMiO 12x

PTZ Camera 1We know that customers aren’t simply asking for a camera with the theoretical matching of specs/protocols/interfaces etc. What our customers are really asking us for is a camera which Epiphan has tested with confidence, a camera that is a natural extension of our existing capture, streaming and recording products.

And now that camera has officially become available – Epiphan’s LUMiO 12x. A versatile and professional PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) camera, the LUMiO 12x works seamlessly with a wide variety of applications… and of course we’ve made sure that it plays nicely with its streaming and recording Epiphan siblings!

LUMiO 12x makes a great fit for a variety of streaming and recording scenarios, including:

  • lectures in an educational setting
  • town hall meetings
  • product announcements in a corporate/government setting
  • keynote addresses and expert panel discussions in a live event setting
  • live sporting events

For all of the above scenarios and more, the LUMiO 12x is an excellent choice – especially in combination with our flagship live production switcher, Pearl.

LUMiO12x-Pearl-display2_webbEpiphan LUMiO 12x and Pearl

Pearl and LUMiO 12x have a number of complementary technical features and work together very well from an application/solution point of view. Technically they are well-matched – both LUMiO 12x and Pearl support DVI/HDMI™ and SDI video interfaces. They are also both capable of handling full HD (1080p60) video reliably with exceptional image quality.

The “12x” portion of the LUMiO product name refers to the camera’s 12x optical zoom feature, which is ideal for filming in the assortment of venues where we commonly see customers using Pearl. Plus, LUMiO 12x’s ability to maintain a wide aperture throughout its full zoom range combined with its visual noise reduction capability enables LUMiO 12x to effectively handle the same variety of challenging lighting scenarios that Pearl often faces in its many different venues.

In addition to the technical match-ups between Pearl and LUMiO 12x, it was also vital that we paired Pearl with a camera which evenly matches Pearl’s unparalleled versatility. For those who are unfamiliar – Pearl is a very capable yet lightweight live switching, streaming and recording solution that sees lots of action in many different venues ranging in size from very small to impressively large. And like Pearl, LUMiO 12x has the capability to handle venues of many different sizes. For example, the Gramercy Suite at the New York Hilton Midtown is a 50’ x 80’ hall with seating capacity for 450 people. That’s a pretty large event!

By positioning LUMiO 12x at the back of this venue, you could create any view between a 60’ wide stage shot and a 5’ wide speaker close-up shot using only the 12x optical zoom feature (with no digital zoom or cropping required). Of course LUMiO 12x feels equally at home in a much smaller environment, such as our own 25’x15’ board room. Like Pearl, it is flexible enough to adapt to a lot of different scenarios.

Now when customers ask us “which camera do you recommend to use with Epiphan equipment?” we can direct them to our versatile and professional PTZ camera – LUMiO 12x. The vast majority will have no need to look any further than that.

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