Introducing G-Tech G-SPEED Shuttle 4-bay Thunderbolt 3 Storage

G-Tech's new 4-bay transportable, ruggedized G-SPEED Shuttle get some press from RedShark News. These brand new products were just released, and like the article suggests, fill a much needed niche. You need at least 4-bays to configued a RAID to RAID 5, which is what we recommend for all video editing projects. Not sure what kind of RAID storage you need and how to configure it? We've demystified it for you in our popular guide, Videoguys NLE Video Storage FAQ (2017 Edition). From RedSharkNews

G-Technology has plugged a gap in its portable RAID product line with two versions of its G-Speed Shuttle in a Thunderbolt 3, and significantly more portable, flavour.

The G-Speed Shuttles are basically storage with a handle: ultraportable RAID arrays designed for location shooting that can then be picked up and, settled within their optional custom Pelican cases, stored in the overhead bin on most flights...[continue reading]

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