Introducing HitFilm 3 Pro EDITING. 3D COMPOSITING. VISUAL EFFECTS. PLUGINS ? FOR PC AND MAC now available at

Introducing HitFilm 3 Pro

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HitFilm 3 Pro
All in one Editing, 3D Compositing & Visual Effects Software for BOTH PC and Mac!



Craft your projects in a fast, non-linear editor with efficient media organization, an intuitive trimmer, easily accessible tools and unique, integrated 3D compositing.

Switching between your edit and visual effects shots is as quick as changing tabs in your web browser. Shoot with your smartphone or on a 4K professional camera. Everything is where you need it, when you need it.


Assemble your edit. Expand any clip to be a visual effects shot. Replace greenscreen backgrounds. Design entirely new 3D scenes for your actors. Mix particle effects with 3D models. Add professional titles and movie looks.

Do it all in any order you want, in one software product ? HitFilm 3 Pro. Zero rendering, zero waiting.


HitFilm 3 Pro's unique combination of editor and compositor changes the way you think about post-production. Whether you're splicing together your movie, designing 3D sequences or experimenting with over 180 premium effects, it's a faster, more creative way to work.

Play with over 180 effects, each of which can be pulled apart, altered and put back together again to create something entirely new.


HitFilm 3 Pro includes 130 plugins to use inside other video software including Sony Vegas, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X and Motion. And HitFilm 3 Pro is fully OpenFX compatible. You choose how you want to work.

You can use HitFilm technology wherever you want. At home, on the move or in the studio. It comes with three activations to use anywhere ? on either a Windows PC, Mac or both!

HitFilm 3 Pro is a post-production revolution, combining high quality editing tools, 3D compositing, 3D object rendering, an industry leading particle simulator and an expansive toolkit for advanced colour correction and grading, all in a single product. Over 180 fully customizable visual effects are included plus 130 plugins for use in Sony Vegas, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X and Motion.

From films to documentaries, commercials to music videos, HitFilm 3 Pro has features for beginners and experts alike, combining depth and complexity with an intuitive simplicity. Modern filmmaking requires you to be an editor, VFX artist and colorist at the same time; HitFilm 3 Pro gives you everything you need.

New features include a redesigned editor and interface, 3D textures for particles, auto-tracking masks, OpenFX support, 3D fractal particle shapes, 3D camera projection and professional de-noising, along with over 20 new effects, background proxying for complex VFX and a 16-bit OpenEXR pipeline. This makes HitFilm 3 Pro an exciting choice for rapid, high quality post-production work.

There is a redesigned editing timeline to give users access to all the tools they need for fine control. Filmmakers craft projects in the fast, non-linear editor and can switch between multiple 3D compositing timelines as easily as changing tabs in a web browser.

HitFilm 3 Pro includes Academy Award-winning planar tracking from Imagineer Systems, providing mask tracking and 3D camera solving. Sony Vegas users can render HitFilm projects directly on the Vegas timeline. 64-bit architecture and GPU acceleration ensures the best performance across a wide range of hardware. There?s also fully customizable particle generation and a 3D compositing environment, with all elements rendered accurately in relation to each other, making it easy to construct incredible scenes inside a single application.


PhotoKey 6: Designed for green screen photographers.

PhotoKey 6
Creative Green Screen Photography Software

What is chroma key? Chroma key is a technique which automatically removes a specified color from an image and is often used in photography and filmmaking. After shooting your subject against a green screen you easily replace it with any background using PhotoKey on your Mac or PC.

  • Fast, easy and creative - PhotoKey's powerful green screen technology combines speed, quality and ease-of-use.
  • Super fast - PhotoKey instantly removes your green screen when you import your photo.
  • Creative freedom - Use filters and effects to create imaginative images and striking visual styles.
  • Is green screen difficult? Using a green screen is simple and affordable. All you need is a matte green background and lights to illuminate it evenly.
  • Perfect portraits - Green screen photography is ideal for creative portrait photography.
  • A virtual studio - PhotoKey gives you a virtual studio in which any image can be your background. Don?t limit your imagination.
  • Choose your background - From classic studio backdrops to exotic locations, any image from your library can be used as a background in PhotoKey.

What do I need?
All you need is a green screen background (cloth, paper or paint will all work), your normal lighting equipment, a camera and PhotoKey 6


PhotoKey 6 Pro
Designed for professionals with Photoshop plugin & more

Designed for professional green screen photographers, PhotoKey 6 Pro delivers high quality green screen removal and background replacement features with full batch processing capabilities. PhotoKey processes thousands of images automatically while you focus on your photography ? ideal for shooting at big events. Choose between compositing, color correcting and titling your images inside PhotoKey or use the integrated plug-in for Adobe Photoshop to create a rapid, seamless workflow.

What?s new in PhotoKey 6 Pro?

  • Adaptive color ? a new technique that makes it easier to work with uneven green screens and which is particularly effective with fine detail such as hair and lace.
  • Photoshop plug-in ? PhotoKey 6 Pro?s keying technology can now be applied to any layer in an Adobe Photoshop project, creating a fast and intuitive workflow for experienced Photoshop users. Supports Adobe Photoshop CS5 & CS6 (64-bit only).
  • New filters ? Vibrance creates a punchy, dynamic image using local contrast and saturation enhancements, Half Tone recreates the appearance of old newspaper print and Leave Color results in exciting splashes of color across black and white images.
  • Export to multiple backgrounds ? each photo can now be exported automatically to several different backgrounds, iving your clients more choice.
  • Color profile & EXIF support ? custom color profiles and photo EXIF data are now supported in PhotoKey, making it easier than ever to integrate green screen photography into your existing production workflow.


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