Introducing IntensiKey Pro 2.0 - A Powerful 3D Virtual Set Production Program


intensiKey Pro 2.0 is a powerful 3D virtual set post production program designed from the ground up for ease of use while giving the user unprecedented 3D camera movement and chromakeying. Simply load your green screen footage in to the software, add any B Source material for screens, create a camera movement using our simple click and drag interface and timeline, select your output format and resolution, and render.

intensiKey Pro supports .avi, .mov, and .wmv video files intensiKey Pro render resolutions:1920x1080, 1280x720, 720x576, 720x486, 360x240

2D vs 3D
green screen + virtual setSometimes a 2D virtual set is all you need, but more often than not you probably wanted to move the camera. Do a little zoom on your talent, pan a little. Adjust the shot. Just like you would in the real world.

Maybe you taught yourself how to use a compositing program so you could do a little fake zoom, or got frustrated with complicated software, or just didn't have the budget and time to buy and learn the software.
Chances are you weren't happy with the results.

intensiKey changes all that.

intensiKey virtual sets are actually 3D models as opposed to 2D. This lets you actually move the camera around the set as if you were in a real room, and even animate it over time. Setting up the shot only takes a few clicks. We have tutorial videos to walk you through it. The results are amazing. Even just moving the camera a little over the course of the video gives a substantially increased impression of reality.

Download the FREE Trial and try it and see why so many producers, videographers, and graphic professionals are adding intensiKey to their toolbox.

IntensiKey Powerful 3D Virtual Set Production Program

Easy to use interFace
Designed from the ground up to be powerful yet easy to use, intensiKey meets the needs of a broad range of virtual set compositing tasks including chroma keying, sizing talent appropriately into the virtual set, and adding B source video correctly to monitors.

Easy to use Green Screen
intensiKey built in chroma keyer let's you bring footage in straight from your camera. Key even difficult footage without getting overly technical with just a few easy to use controls.

How it Works
intensikey chroma keyerThe chroma keyer works by removing green or blue pixels in a certain range. This 'sees' through to the 3D virtual set behind it, creating the illusion that the talent is actually immersed in the environment. intensiKey goes further allowing you to place the talent behind objects like desks or walk out from behind pillars.

intensiKey Pro 2.0
Application only with 5 Included Virtual Sets


intensiKey Pro 2.0 Bundle with a Volume of 8 additional Sets

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intensiKey Pro 2.0 Bundle with all 3 volumes for a total of 29 Virtual Sets!

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