Introducing Red Giant Software!

Magic BulletWe are very excited to announce that we will now be carrying Red Giant plug-ins for Adobe Premiere Pro & After Effects, Apple Final Cut Pro and Avid Xpress Pro & Media Composer. They deliver cutting-edge technology via plug-ins, helping you deliver results Faster, Easier, & with more Innovation! Magic Bullet Editors 2.0 $349.95 Developed at The Orphanage, by former Industrial Light + Magic visual effects artist Stu Maschwitz, Magic Bullet Editors provides digital video professionals with simple tools to transform the crisp, soap-opera look of video to the softer, more organic look of film. Select from over 50 custom-designed Looks or create and save your own. Instant HD $99.95 Instant HD up-converts DV video into a variety of HD video formats. You can choose from a list of preset resolutions to make it easy to integrate DV video into your next High Definition production. When scaling from standard definition (SD) to high definition (HD), the missing pixels must be generated in an intelligent way. Instant HD provides a high-quality method for converting SD sources to HD within your favorite video application. Knoll Light Factory 2.0 $349.95 Created by John Knoll, co-author of Adobe Photoshop and Visual Effects Supervisor at Industrial Light + Magic, Knoll Light Factory is a top selling After Effects plug-in. Used by thousands of graphic professionals, Knoll Light Factory simulates reflections from a very bright light source as seen in a camera’s lens. Real-world examples range from enhancing the glow in Terminator’s eye to adding a magical effect to adding sparkle to your next picture. For more information and to order Red Giant Plug-Ins

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