Introducing Red Giant Trapcode TAO and Trapcode Suite 13

The folks over at Red Giant have been very busy this summer and they have just released an all new Red Giant Trapcode Suite that includes a brand new plug-in called TAO. TAO allows you to generate really cool animated motion graphics using something they call procedural 3D geometries. You can understand this much easier by watching the video.
Videomaker by Russ Fairley


Visual effect software mainstay Red Giant today announced the release of Trapcode Suite 13, a major upgrade to the motion graphic toolkit. This release includes updates to Trapcode Particular, Shine and Mir, and also introduces Trapcode Tao, a brand new plug-in for generating 3D geometries along a path. The update also includes new features in Trapcode Form, Sound Keys and Starglow.
“Trapcode plug-ins are a standard in post houses across the world, and are voted the most essential tools for After Effects users every year,” comments Aharon Rabinowitz, Red Giant’s head of marketing. “We’re proud of how passionate our customers are about tools like Particular, Mir and Shine, and we are thrilled to bring users new and more creative ways to use them in their work. For the first time ever, particle systems can be built visually, light rays can react to the 3D camera, and 3D surfaces and wireframes can be looped for dynamic motion graphics. With Trapcode Tao, we’re bringing the ability to generate amazing, procedurally-generated 3D ribbons and geometric shapes to After Effects, something every motion graphics artist will discover they can’t live without.”
“I’m very excited about this release, and I'm especially thrilled to see what all the amazing Trapcode users will create with the new Trapcode Tao plug-in,” says Peder Norrby, creator of Red Giant’s Trapcode Suite. “I feel proud of what we have accomplished with this release, and I can't wait to see all the hard work pay off in terms of users creating new cool stuff with these tools.”
So, what’s the deal with Tao? Well, Tao is an all-new plug-in with tools to generate complex procedural 3D geometries using built-in auto paths, mask shapes and the motion from 3D lights. read more...

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