Introducing Simplylive Varsity Sports Bundles with Instant Replay for School Sports

Simplylive recently released four product bundles for schools producing live sports programing. Introducing: The Varsity Bundles.

The "Varsity" bundles are based on the Simplylive ViBox platform, which redefined multi-camera sports production.


1) The ViBox All-In-One Varsity Bundle:

An all-in-one production solution with applications for video mixing, camera switching, live NDI graphics overlay, super slow-motion replay, audio mixing and content export.

2) The ViBox SloMo Varsity Bundle

A super slow-motion replay system for in-game production and highlights creation.

3) The RefBox 4 & Refbox 8 Varsity Bundles

Cost-effective video review solutions for official replay and post-game coaching analysis.

4) The ViBox Micro Varsity Bundle

A single-channel production controller for adding audio or graphics to a downstream program feed.

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