Introducing the BirdDog SDM Family

BirdDog recently announced the new SDM family, powered by BirdDog OS. Let's take a look at BirdDog's article covering the announcement, and break down some of the finer points.

SDM Family

The SDM family is built on an Intel platform, and is set to revolutionize the way content is distributed. These devices are controlled via BirdDog OS with two BirdDog SDM modules, allowing for a different solution for every project.

Controlled by the all in one BirdDog OS and with two BirdDog SDM modules to choose from, M1 an M2, there is a solution for every project. M1 is a full NDI Sender and Receiver based on the Intel SDM-L form factor and M2 is an NDI Receiver built on the Intel® SDM-S module. With support for resolutions all the way up to 4Kp60, there is also a RESTful API for programming completely automated spaces.


BirdDog OS

BirdDog OS is a complete Operating System for the Intel SDM platform, used for distributing NDI. This introduction of this operating system is extremely excitting for those already on the NDI train because it means moving closer to the future of video over IP.

The OS features Crestron control and a RESTful API for complete automation.

Planned Support for Dante

Although not yet available, the BirdDog SDM family will be supported for Dante users. However in the meantime, the SMS family still supports a wide array of interfaces and formats.

RESTful API for Automation & Crestron Control Library

This family of products comes with BirdDog Display with a complete RESTful API. This will allow users to program their own automation, and will feature interaction with your Crestron Control Library.

Resolution Support

The BirdDog SDM family offers full support for a variety of resolutions. This includes resolutions up to 4Kp60.

Available Models


The M1 model is an NDI receiver based on the Intel SDM-L module. This device can receive NDI from anywhere on your network, and send it right to your display screen. It also features a send function. This feature allows users to plug a source (laptop, computer, etc), and duplicate the picture across multiple BirdDog Display activated screens.


The M2 is also a fully capable NDI reciever- set to recieve NDI from anywhere on your network, direct to your display screen.

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